Below is an outline for a course under development. A “drbob approved” certificate will be issued upon successful completion.  Once fully developed, “For Credit” registration will eventually be available through various universities.

What if we don't know what we think we know and there is a comprehensive, novel perspective that implements a physics-based understanding of life and health with developing/evolving patterns of complexity in living ands prebiotic systems?

What if the power of DNA sequencing has allowed the categorization of relationships between all living organisms without understanding the origins of DNA and the genetic code.

What if the evolution of post-translational modifications of proteins and nucleic acid's are intrinsically linked to the associated metabolism that produced the modifications to control free radical production? 

What if living systems (including virally infected cells) are dynamic, adaptive fractals of complexity driven by metabolically produced, coherent redox flow that is a harmonious composite of flow dependent structures existing in accordance with the second law of thermodynamics, although appearing to contradict it? 

What if all activities associated with living systems are homeostatically regulated by free radicals  that are intrinsically metabolically produced by life to balance the energy flow that drives the system into the future (evolution of the biosphere, aging of it members), with repairing damages created in the process (rate of aging, health)?

What if evolution is driven by balancing energy produced by metabolizing carbohydrates and amino acids, with energy from recycling and repairing free radical damaged cellular components, that occurs when cells burn fat (autophagy, beta oxidation)?

What if the developmental plan of evolving invertebrates had an intrinsic limitation in adaptability that demanded a rewrite for the ongoing evolution of complexity with the emergence of vertabrates?

What if the balance of carbohydrate/amino acids and fat catabolism in all vertebrates were controlled by the endocannabinoid system? The CB1 receptor promotes evolution of vertebrates by fine tuning efficient carbohydrate/amino acid metabolism to minimize excess free radical production, while the CB2 receptor turns on fat burning to prevent excess free radical production.

What if Covid’s symptoms could be eliminated or controlled metabolically. Virally infected cells preferentially use carbohydrate energy sources during their synthetic phase of producing progeny, while simultaneously also being dependent on fat burning for sufficient recycling and repair?

What if NAC prevented the inflammatory responses of Covid infection by controlling excess free radical activity, while cannabinoids control their production via both CB1 and CB2 receptors.

What if new thinking gives safe, effective and inexpensive control health?

What if, in the absence of a comprehensive understanding of the physical basis of living processes, including its origins and evolution, it is impossible that “ experts"  have the ability to control health. without a physics based definition of health?

What if all infectious agents, and the response to them, can be metabolically controlled?

What if the existing pharmaceutical industry was terrible at producing beneficial drugs?

What if the pharmaceutical industry was excellent at creating educational tools to dissect biochemical pathways with?


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