RAS regulates Metabolism and Metabolism regulates RAS

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Covid Vaccines:A Deadly Scientific Mistake

Protective Properties of MAS Receptor

The Big Picture

Scientific Reality: Stem (spike) protein inhibits ACE2 proteins that otherwise protect from all vaccine consequences! Ignorances in vaccine design inhibits ACE2 found on the cell membrane when it is transiting to its functional soluble state. In the blood. The active form, ACE2 soluble, converts Angiotensin II into ang1-7 that then binds to the MAS g-coupled receptor to control inflammation. 

MAS receptor is a cancer related gene. MAS is found on most cells. The active form turns on fat burning in the cels it activates. Simultaneously, MAS turning off the preferred fuels, carbohydrates and amino acids, used by Covid and other viruses including influenza. The MAS receptor is turned on in response to excess free radicals. It is self regulated by a negative feedback loop. ACE2 expression is down-regulated as  transcriptional control by pro inflammatory NFKB is turned down by p53 up-regulating fat burning. 

Unlike the positive effects elicited by soluble ACE2, cell surface ACE2 gets internalized when bound by either the virus or artificially created stem protein. In either case, peptide components will be presented to the immune system by HLA class I molecules. Presentation can lead to cell death or autoimmunity depending on the specifics user consideration.

Turning on ACE2 activity is anti-aging as demonstrated by its involvement in exercise induced fitness. Additionally, MAS fat burning activity is mechanistically behind the benefits from  drugs losartan and lisinopril, used to treat heart failure. 

For those vaccinated they must make sure and consume appropriate diets that minimize carbohydrates and inflammation. The best anti-aging agents are cannabinoids drbob

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