Metabolism Controls Cancer Mutations 

Unrepaired, UV induced DNA damages produce cancer. The relationship that links deficient repair of DNA damagesv is most convincingly demonstrated in people suffering with genetic mutations that result in xeroderma pigmentosun. People carrying these mutations can be extremely sensitive to sunlight, in extreme cases, fluorescent light can create cancerous lesions. The accumulation of a variety of DNA damages block DNA replication fork movement. Deoxy- and ribo- nucleotide triphosphate synthetic pathways back up. Excess free radicals are produced from the resulting backup in the electron transport system. 

Unquenched  free radicals signal required homeostatic metabolic changes to prevent apoptosis. Stalled forks produces ongoing buildup of DNA and systemic biochemical changes/damages. The dynamic metabolic evolution of adaptive metabolic patterns is required to meet the energy production requirements for the systemic bifurcation, cell division. The consequence of accumulating free radical induced biochemical alteration is measured by the G1 to S checkpoint. By the time a dividing cell is transiting from G1 to S phase, it is using aneplerotic means (aerobic glycolysis and glutaminolysis) of energy production. By reducing the flow through the electron transport system, the exposed DNA of S phase will not be subject to electron transport produced free radicals. 

Each phase of the cell cycle is a far from equilibrium phase change guided by energy flow, mass synthesis and free radical induced alterations that act as signals for survival oriented adaptation. The flow must go on!

Cannabis, via CB2 activity, turns on fat burning (autophagy),a metabolic state that is required to balance free radical producing activities, intrinsic to both dividing and differentiated cellular activities, inorder to maintain the flow of mass and energy in and out of the cell, thus maintaining the ongoing adaptive, flow dependent structure. Differentiated activities may be promoted by CB1 since it facilitates electron transport activities (calcium channel regulation). The young man from Zimbabwe, Donald, made a miraculous recovery from advanced xeroderma pigmentorum with cannabis. How does high THC cannabis extracts reverse the phenotype of cancer causing genotype? 

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