FAKE Science

Fake Science

Robert Melamede, PhD drbobmelamede@me.com

The bio medical scientific community soon will have no choice but to wake up to the metabolic realities of life, The Physics of Life. Much of the modern peer reviewed literature can only be comprehensively, holistically understood by embracing the metabolic perspective. Using the far from equilibrium metabolic perspective, any article can be examined and understood through the lens of first principles that provides an understanding of the fundamental nature of what whatever phenomena is under consideration. Most literature articles are simply specific examples of the underlying truth, flowing energy organizes mass and always does so by balancing opposing forces. Specifically, carbohydrate/peptide metabolism generates energy that drives flow dependent systems into the future. In complex biological systems this type of bio chemistry is typically pro inflammatory. The drive into the future represents the creative nature of flowing energy, an intrinsic property of nature. Living systems are the balance of constructive/destructive activity. Creative activities must be balanced with repair and replacement, powered by beta oxidation, (aka, fat burning, autophagy). 

The physical reality is, CB1 has driven the evolution of vertebrates through the development of their brains. Efficient energy production driven by the electron transport system was/is CB1 modulated. The efficient energy productio, when sufficiently pushed generates excess free radicals that ultimately increase complexity, but require additional maintenance and repair. Entropy is always produced in every reaction. The systemic flow dependent organizational damages (dynamic entropy) are repaired by modifying the energy source (the flow) from the efficient, but dangerous, to a high capacity, but safe. alternative burning fat for fuel. CB2 activates fat burning AMPK pathways that function to restore dynamic negative entropy, distance from equilibrium, HEALTH.