FAKE Medicine

Fake Medicine

Robert Melamede, PhD drbobmelamede@me.com

  • Flowing energy organizes matter by balancing opposing flows (liberals and conservatives, actually carbohydrate metabolism balanced by lipid metabolism).
  • Flowing energy is everywhere and creates everything.
  • Evolution is GOD’s masterpiece.
  • Understand the Physics of Life to understand health.
  • Complexity naturally builds overtime (after 4 1/2 billion years we can talk about it).
  • All illnesses can best be treated by regulating the metabolic flow.
  • Inhibit excess free radical production to control illnesses with appropriate food and nutraceuticals. 
  • Big Pharma is only useful as an educational tool, They do not promote health, only suppress symptoms. 
  • The experts are miseducated and give bad advice.
  • NAC cost 25 dollars a kilo. A gram/day for 2 months for 360 million Americans 2160000 kilos = $540 million to protect 75 percent of infected Americans from symptomatic infections
  • We need healthcare not wealth care, our medical system is a cancer on our society that sucks out our health while stealing our wealth.

We need real positive change. To begin with, it's important to understand that I present unique new knowledge that integrates science and religion, while promoting health. The new concepts revolutionize biology/medicine. For the past 50 years I have been trying to understand life. Molecular biology showed the uniformity of the underlying principles known as the holy trinity: DNA, RNA and protein synthesis. I was a graduate student at its inception, and loved the unifying principle. However, why this all happened, and what makes it continue to happen, was unanswered.

I was fortunate enough to discover the work of Ilya Prigogine. The beauty of Prigogine's discoveries is they indicate life must exist. For decades I have viewed biology through the lens of flowing energy being the creative force of nature.That perspective was a wonderful novel insight for me, and served me well. I became chairman of the Biology Department at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. There I taught Microbiology, Immunology, DNA Repair, Biology of Aging, and the worlds only course on "Endocannabinoids and Medical Marijuana" (it was good to be chairman). As an educator in a fundamentalist Christian.community, I learned from them as I taught them. The hometown of Focus on the Family voted for medical marijuana, and so did the state. 

In my microbiology classes, a requirement for our associated nursing school, many of the nurses were from the fundamentalist Christians Community. They often did not appreciate my evolutionary/cannabis based perspective of health, I listened to them and their Creationist perspective. Some of the arguments festered in my mind for years. I believe they contributed to the revolution in thinking that has become my truth. I am well aware of the all pervasive and accepted DNA centric understanding of biology. I contributed to it with a patent on a novel method of DNA sequencing, Sequencing by Synthesis, in 1985. The patent was acquired and was commercialized in 2005 as PyroSequencing. However, I now have an understanding that extends Prigogine’s work into biology with revolutionary results. There can now be a basis in physics for biology that provides a definition for life and health. Rather than rewriting what I already have written, I refer you to the this link on my home page.http://canna-sapiens.com/in-god-we-rust-the-beauty.html

Universally accepted scientific reality should readily underpin any religious beliefs. Molecular cooperation evolved into life, that evolved into human love. Humans through self reflection can essentially purify their spirit. As that knowledge advances in a population, transforming levels of novel self-responsibility  in a mutual dialog for a positive future. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to many that there are safe, effective, natural, science based solutions that deal with viral infections. Metabolic freedom is a fundamental human right.

The most blatant example of how important individual freedom is was demonstrated by the unconstitutional actions taken in response to the Covid-19, They were justified based on the advice of " experts”.  An examination of the scientific literature proves them to be incompetent, or criminally negligent. The experts do not even read critical peer reviewed literature. If they had, it would have saved thousands of lives, and prevented the stupid, unscientific, illegal shutdown. The article below is clear enough. Anyone who can read English, and is of average intelligence, can read this article that clearly demonstrates that the nutraceutical NAC, N-acetyl cysteine dramatically reduces the respiratory consequences of viral infections. http://canna-sapiens.com/scientific-papers/nac-1997-italian-study.html.

The ignorant experts are big Pharma vaccine peddlers. They do not understand the physics of life. http://canna-sapiens.com/in-god-we-rust-the-beauty.html  From this new perspective it is clear that our scientific establishment lives in a state of mental constipation. The accepted scientific reality is DNA centric and can trace our evolutionary history by sequence analysis. The problem with the development of this genetic perspective is that the origins of life not only remain a mystery, but the underlying physics says that it is statistically life impossible to occur randomly, it is too complex. In contrast, the work of Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine, who created the field of far from equilibrium thermodynamics, essentially states that life must exist because flowing energy creates organization by balancing opposing flows of matter and energy.

The most fundamental balancing act that permeates all lifeforms is the carbohydrate metabolism creates complexity whereas burning fat repairs for energy restores biological systems’ integrity by repair and reconstruction. All viruses, and all life, use carbohydrate metabolism to promote their complexity by providing the energy needed to create the viral components necessary to assemble new viruses. In the process, fat burning helps to maintain the creative flow by its restorative activities. Hence, a little logic would suggest that you can stop the viral infected process by turning off sugar burning. This process in fact works very successfully, although it's ignored by the scientific establishment who are looking to produce costly vaccines and pharmaceuticals that are intrinsically unhealthy. Synthetic pharmaceuticals do not plug into the flow of life, the synthesis and degradation that occurs within a cell. 

In the cannabis activist community, we've been able to use this knowledge to completely control HIV, Kaposi's sarcoma, and numerous other viral infections by turning off sugar burning. Unfortunately, the President chose to use chloroquine that turns off fat burning. The heart gets over 65% of its energy from burning fat because the heart always needs to remodel as a result of the free radicals produced from constant beating. Neither a cell nor society can survive very long in the absence of recycling and repair. Hence, it's time for the President to get going on his and the nation’s infrastructure. The veracity of the above is permeating our society through people's observation that fat burning is good and carbohydrate burning promotes inflammation and aging. Consequently, we have ketogenic, paleo diet’s etc. They work by shifting the balance to restoration of life rather than continuing to destroy it with the biological friction (free radicals) created by the free radicals generated by excess carbohydrate consumption. Nevertheless I commend trumps open mindedness to look into alternatives such as UV light and they completely miss portrayed bleach story. Chlorine dioxide actually is very effective because the compound is actually signaling agent produced by our immune cells.

Ironically, the endocannabinoid system (cannabis from within) regulates everything in the human body from conception till death (cardiovascular, digestive, excretory, immune, musculo-skeletal, nervous, reproductive, tegumentary systems).The CB1 receptor, responsible for the cannabis “high” actually drives carbohydrate metabolism safely and is responsible for driving evolutionary change. I am not saying that random mutations are not a component of evolution. They are real and the foundation of our current thinking. The problem is that this is a very incomplete perspective that cannot explain the origins and evolution of life, novel concepts of directed evolution can.

A new model embraces the creative nature of flowing energy GOD, Generalized Open-system Dynamics, thinking  comparable with both religion and science, while providing  new definitions of health and happiness. My religeous beliefs embrace man’s unique GOD-given ability to achieve these outcomes, Evolutionism,  http://canna-sapiens.com/evolutionism.html, The health benefits are dramatically shown in treating cancer. http://canna-sapiens.com/illnesses/cancers/cancer-2020.html Man now has the ability to fulfill his destiny, continuous adaptive change through self awareness and knowledge.

Before ending, let’s return our thoughts to the current pandemic. The biological consequences of Covid-19 infection are widespread and diverse, yet they can be easily understood from a metabolic perspective. All the observations boil down to biochemical balance that occurs between the pro-inflammatory activity of carbohydrate and restorative lipid catabolism. The cellular consequences are described above. They manifest as physiological consequences. The cytokine storm is nothing more than an pro inflammatory excess the destroys the alveoli. However, it also activates the inflammatory arm of the Renin Angiotensin System (RAS), that, like everything else, balances pro and anti inflammatory free radical producing biochemical activity that results in high blood pressure and viscosity while promoting clotting. http://canna-sapiens.com/ecs-endocannabiboid-system.html

America is uniques because if was founded, however imperfectly, on the principles of freedom that intrinsically mean change and evolution. America is great because of our diversity that formed for freedom and opportunity-natures way. Metabolic freedom is essential for freedom not free dumb. 

Peace and love, enjoy drbob