Evolution by Unintelligent Design

Evolution by Unintelligent Design 

Robert Melamede, Ph.D.

When Darwin wrote the “Origin of Species By Natural Selection" DNA was unknown. As molecular biology evolved, it was assumed to provide a scientific foundation for Darwin's work, molecular explanations for natural selection. As DNA sequencing and sophisticated techniques in molecular genetics evolved, countless experiments verified the validity of a DNA centric perspective of life, its origins and evolution. However, a significant unsolved problem is constantly ignored, from a statistical perspective, based on the foundations of equilibrium physics, life is impossible. 

What if all of our technological achievements are inappropriately used due to an absence of a physics based foundation for biology? What if our global ignorance has created a well supported false basis for how we look at life and health? Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine has created a new vision of physics that extends the old in a manner that can be further extended to biology. The outcome is dramatic and must be considered. Flowing energy drives mass to creative solutions for increasing complexity to create life and evolution.

A flow-based understanding of life does not rely on accidental mutations creating opportunities for competitive survival of the fittest. Instead, it is cooperation based. There are numerous examples of flow dependent spatio-temporal structures, like a whirlpool in a draining bathtub that visually demonstrate the creative nature described by far from equilibrium physics regarding dissipating potential. 

A well known chemically driven example of organization (BZ reaction) mimics demonstrated oscillatory behavior of metabolism. The suggestion is that prebiotic chemical complexity increased to produce a flow dependent heterogeneous network in which complexity increased until a critical point was reached from which life emerged (a far from equilibrium phase change). A scientific basis for an update to creationism can unify religion and science by understanding evolved molecular cooperation leads to love.

Extending this perspective. the natural question to consider is: What if the DNA centric perspective of life and health is wrong? What are the implications and possibilities for health and longevity in a metabolic centric biosphere? What is the natural role to be played by the master homeostatic system regulator promoting both individual and social health, the endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoids balance carbohydrate (CB1,) and lipid (CB2) metabolism. The balance ultimately determines health and longevity. 

The planet is undergoing a far from equilibrium phase change as indicated by the fluctuations of the system variables (weather, migration patterns, species loss, pollution etc). In view of the cannabinoid system’s driving the evolution of vertebrates (by CB1 regulating carbohydrate metabolism and free radical production), its current role in the future evolution of human social and individual health must be explored. Evolutionary history suggests that Canna sapiens will emerge along with planetary health.

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