A Modest Proposal for the American Ambassador to Serbia

A Modest Proposal I was very pleasantly surprised when I went to the Embassy website and saw your comments regarding the opening of “Bridge of Understanding" exhibit. I was additionally pleased when I saw your comments regarding “From the Outside Looking in. Consequently, I must now write to you on a much broader issue, one that with your cooperation,  can significantly help to foster the health and social status of this unique country.

Health Efforts  I've been fortunate enough to discover the underlying physical principles of life. As a result, there has been a successful application of my knowledge throughout the world, and especially in Serbia as a result of my personal relationships. I have spent a lot of time and money with the aim of educating people so they may make themselves healthier. We have clearly demonstrated that we can dramatically improve the health of numerous Serbians suffering from cancer, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, pain and a variety of mental conditions. 

Accepted modern biomedical science is incomplete. It is not based on fundamental principles, and therefore cannot explain the emergence of life and its subsequent evolution. As a result, most modern pharmaceuticals have been designed to make money, not to improve health. The world needs healthcare not wealth care, something that cannot be accomplished without understanding the most fundamental principles of life.

We are in a unique time in human history as we pollute both the environment and ourselves as a consequence of greed and ignorance. The medical marijuana movement is spreading around the world because is a manifestation of   truth regarding how we, as individuals and a society, can become healthier. The key to understanding this framework is to understand that all vertebrates have an endocannabinoid system that homeostatically regulates everything in the human body from conception til death (cardiovascular, digestive, immunological, musculoskeletal, nervous, reproductive, and tegumentary systems). 

Serbia has the highest rate of cancer in Europe. Sadly, the NATO bombings, with American leadership left behind tons of spent uranium on the land and in the lakes. The contamination continues to harm the people that we were allegedly protecting. As I increase my capacity, I will continue to expand and support the people of Serbia with my scientific knowledge and direct financial assistance to numerous Serbians who are suffering without it. 

Social Efforts My social efforts center around improving the economic health of the country. As in so many places around the world, the villages, the heart of any country, are dying as the youth who are necessary to maintain the vitality and vigor of this sector of any country migrate to the city's. Hemp is the solution for reversing this migratory trend while providing numerous job opportunities in the villages. I'm working with groups in Australia with a long history of developing patented commercial building products. My associates are in the process of commercializing their intellectual property. As that develops I intend to bring it into Serbia. 

Likewise I'm working with a Colorado company that has a patented extraction procedure. This product has proven to be the most popular wherever I have introduced it around the world. I put my support behind this product because of its unique effectiveness and taste. I use very effectively use large quantities on a daily basis. Danica has provided this legal product to numerous Serbians in need, mostly at no cost. Her efforts have been extremely popular and beneficial. Because of its effectiveness, I've started a drbob line of CBD with the intent of making it the best product at the lowest prices so that ultimately everyone will be able to afford this necessary nutrient for health. 

Our efforts to import the patented CBD product through Danica's company have been slowed due to unscientific, bureaucratic regulatory complexity.  Our intent was to develop the market so that we could bring this unique patented procedure to Serbia. We've also tested another unique, non--psychoactive hemp products that can be easily produced and manufactured in Serbia. Because of my experience I can procure the best product, at the best prices, so that Serbians can develop their own market in an intelligent way that will guarantee the health and financial outcomes that are needed to move Serbian society forward.

National PTSD Sadly, as a consequence of Serbia being a center of so much of turmoil for centuries, the collective consciousness of Serbia appears to suffer from significant PTSD. Serbians consume excessive amounts of violence-promoting alcohol. Consequently, Serbian woman suffer high levels of domestic violence. Thankfully cannabinoids, in particular CBD, dramatically reduce alcohol consumption and the emotional consequences of PTSD. We have demonstrated these benefits directly in Serbia with numerous people that we have helped. Numerous peer-reviewed scientific publications provide an underlying scientific foundation for our observations. 

Conclusion With a collaborative effort, the Serbian Embassy can greatly help accomplish their stated aim of helping the Serbian people. Belgrade needs revitalization. The town’s rundown appearance reminds me of Prague thirty years ago. Hemp can be used to not only clean up the city, but also to clean up the soil in the countryside that is contaminated with radioactivity and other forms of pollution. The use of hemp products can help revitalize the city while providing jobs in both the city and the countryside. 

Serbia's Youth As is true in every country around the world, have embraced the cannabis awakening. Because of the health benefits that people are experiencing, this movement will continue to grow. When people see their friends and relatives healing from both chronic and acute illnesses by getting healthier, there's no stopping them. The collaboration of the American Embassy in Serbia in the projects described above would be greatly appreciated by the people of Serbia. 

Sincerely, drbob