An online science of life course: A Learning Trail

There are beneficial health concepts that emerge from learning, and applying, new physics to new biology. The following list provides a learning trail using this website to develop new science based thinking for personal improvement. The program starts with definitions that are necessary to develop simpler concepts that will naturally lead to a more complex understanding of concepts that link biology and health with physics.

Basic vocabulary   (start here)

1.  WHAT IF?

2.   An early (simple) explanation of cannabis activities from ASA 2008. video

3.  FAKE Science

4.  Evolutionism

5.  Evolution by Unintelligent Design

6.  In God We Rust: the Beauty of Unintelligent Design

7.  Metabolism and Life:The Complete Story, for devout FLPs  video

8.  Covid 101, simplified for medical experts  video

9.  Inhibit viral induced inflammation for health video