AMPK: Master Metabolic Regulator

AMPK: Master Metabolic Regulator is an extremely detailed article of the regulatory properties of AMP kinase. It provides all the necessary information to understand the metabolic perspective that I promote. It is useful list of facts that must be integrated with a conceptual foundation for the observations, a task easily accomplished with the far from equilibrium thermodynamics approach. The article never mentions free radicals nor energy flow as the creative necessity for life. It lacks a theoretical foundation that explains all the observations. The simple overview is that flowing energy organizes mass by creating a balance of opposing, flowing forces. Efficient energy production (carbohydrate metabolism) in living systems literally drives evolution (true creationism), but must be balanced by maintanence, recycling and repair (autophagy, aka fat-burning via beta oxidation).

Excess free radicals results from an in balance between these two catabolic processes that produce high energy-containing molecules, especially ATP. Efficient energy production by the electron transport system drives the complexity of evolution by adaptive metabolic solutions. Successful metabolic patterns will change the DNA, the record of a successful, complex, adaptive, flow dependent structure. Human consciousness allows for unique exchange between metabolism and genetics with the genetics being the intermediate.

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