Renin/Angiotensin) system, metabolism, and the Corona Virus

The linked slides show the connection between the RAS (Renin/ Angiotensin) system, metabolism, and the Corona Virus.

All metabolism works on the ultimate need to balance opposing forces in order to minimize excess free radical production.

The lethality of respiratory infections, as well as irritant chemical inhalation, is the free radical dependent development of ARDS (adult respiratory distress syndrome).

The coronavirus attaches to ACE2 proteins on the surface of cells, especially those of the lung and kidney.

The ACE2 protein creates a heptapeptide ANG1-7 that protects against the negative effects of angiotensin by turning on fat burning (autophagy) that recycles free radical-damaged cellular components.

Ang1-7, made by ACE2 acting on full sized membrane bound ANG, should compete with the virus and prevent the first step of a viral infection (entry).

ANG1-7 is a commercially available FDA approved pharmaceutical. 

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Renin/Angiotensin) system, metabolism, and the Corona Virus

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