Danica NAC

My dear Danica almost died after she ran out of NAC (N-acetylcycteine)  3 days before the video was made. 

This video was made when she was developing a pottentially lethal asthma attack. She had severe respiratory issues since her premature birth requiring constant treatment, medically, the mountains and the beaches in order to breathe. For three years, she was using, in addition to her normal cannabis, CBD and NAC. Additionally, she had modified her diet, specifically reducing carbohydrates. She has been so good for so long that she forgot how old she is when she's not consuming the full complement of necessary goodies. She rubbed THC cannabis oil between her fingers and breathed in the vapors while performing simple breathing exercises. The calibration kept her alive until the THC oil and vitamin D could take affect.  A few days later she received the delayed package I had sent her with 2 kg of NAC. The wires clearly she's a severely susceptible individual to Covid. Two months later she developed all the symptoms and was able to fully control the level of symptomatic infection with cannabinoids and NAC.

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